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Daily Classes Overview

Our new Drop-In classes provide athletes (Boys & Girls) an opportunity to train in a private setting, at a high level, and at an affordable cost. Classes are meant to be physically and mentally challenging, and are tailored towards driven and hard working athletes! Classes include more complex technical skills and a more individualized attention than traditional team practices.

Led by our Director of Coaching, Mike Broncati, our staff has experience playing on five continents at the professional level, a combined 20+ licenses/certifications, and experience working with Professional, Division 1 College, Academy, and Premier players.

*These classes are non conflict and should be an additional opportunity to help maximize performances on an athletes normal club team. 

Class Info & Registration

Agility & Skill Class

This is our favorite class (we’re a bit biased), as it is unlike no other. Agility/Skill class combines speed and the ball. The program is designed to work on fast feet while painting a proper athletic position with the ball. Players can expect:

  • Athletic Position: Proper weight distribution (on balls of feet), Upper Body (head & chest up), Hip Movement (sit the hips back).
  • Technical Ball Work: Work on one touch movements highlighting speed of play.
  • Speed/Agility: Learn to minimize contact with the ground & proper movement mechanics.

Strength Class

Our strength program focuses on a proper balance between body weight, plyometric, and weight training activities to enhance the firing system of the nervous system. Athletes can expect to improve in their explosive power on and off the ball, while creating a core that is strong and dynamic.

  • Explosive Power: Create a more powerful initial 1-5 yards.
  • Total Body Coordination: Develop more efficient movements.
  • On/Off Ball Strength: Strengthen the gross & fine motor movements of legs, trunks, & arms.
  • Injury Prevention: Delay the onset of fatigue & strengthen weaker joints.

Agility & Conditioning Class

This class is a hybrid version of our agility class, pairing agility and conditioning to enable athletes to perform at peak level. The class has a focus on plyometrics, SAQ (speed/agility/quickness), & interval training, in which athletes can expect to increase game fitness levels.

  • Plyometrics: Think strength & explosive power.
  • Agility: Think quickness & tight space.
  • Interval Training: Think game fitness & management of peaks & valleys fitness wise.

Goal Keeping & Finishing

Whether your a goalkeeper or a forward this class has you covered. Our Goalkeeping and Finishing class refines athletes ability in front of goal (no pun intended). Strikers will go through the proper techniques and dynamic touches when setting up for a finish. Goalkeepers will work on positioning, reacting, and form.

  • Striking Technique: Feel comfortable with volleys, curlers, power shots, & chips.
  • Dynamic Movements: Understand various angles of approach and positive first touches outside of the body.
  • Explosion: As a goalie focus on the fundamentals of getting to the ball.

Registration & Pricing

Registration Process

1. New athletes to Keep Kickin must schedule an evaluation session to be properly placed in a class level.

*Current Keep Kickin athletes can call or email to find out what class level they have been placed in.

2. Athletes can then RSVP for any classes of the level they have been placed into:

L1: Travel + Premier

L2: Academy + ECNL + College

*Classes are limited to 10-15 athletes so we encourage confirming attendance via call or email.

3. Payment (cash or check) is submitted before the start of the class. Players with monthly memberships must only check in at the front desk.


Each class is $25 per athlete

Monthly Membership Options:

Unlimited, 20 classes, & 10 classes

To set up an evaluation, RSVP for classes, or register for a membership, contact us below!

Phone: 203-857-1210


Coaching Staff

USSF Licensed Coaches

Katie Diehl

MSACN, Nutrition & Health

Michael Broncati

President & Director of Coaching

Daily Class Schedule

June 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Agility/Ball Skill Class L1 +L2
  • Goal Keeping/Finishing Class L1
  • Goal Keeping/Finishing Class L2
  • WCM: Russia vs Saudi Arabia
  • WCM: Portugal vs Spain
  • WCM: Peru vs Denmark
  • WCM: Germany vs Mexico
  • WCM: Brazil vs Switzerland
  • College Prep Membership
  • College Prep Membership
  • College Prep Membership
  • College Prep Membership
  • WCM: France vs Peru
  • WCM: Argentina vs Croatia
  • WCM: Brazil vs Costa Rica
  • WCM: Germany vs Sweden
  • WCM: Poland vs Colombia
  • College Prep Membership
  • WCM: Uruguay vs Russia
  • College Prep Membership
  • WCM: Denmark vs France
  • WCM: Iceland vs Croatia
  • WCM: Nigeria vs Argentina
  • College Prep Membership
  • WCM: Mexico vs Sweden
  • WCM: Serbia vs Brazil
  • WCM: Switzerland vs Costa Rica
  • College Prep Membership
  • WCM: England vs Belgium
  • WCM: Panama vs Tunisia
  • WCM: Match 50
  • WCM: Match 49

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