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2017 Elite Program

Boys & Girls Aged 12+ 

This boys and girls small group program is designed to provide an advanced foundation in technical skill, speed, agility, and reaction. At KKS ,we feel that giving our athletes the most innovative and hands on training is the only route when working to the elite level. Training must be rigorous, physically and mentally, while still encouraging the passion our athletes have for soccer.

*Age Groups are limited to 16 athletes only and will be split up by gender. 1-2 coaches for each group of 8 players*

Date: July 10th – August 4th

Days: Monday – Friday

Time: Varies by age (See registration page for details. All sessions are 90 minutes).

Address: P.J. Romano Field @ Saugatuck Elementary School (170 Riverside Avenue Westport, CT).

Pricing: Payment plans available (See registration page for details).


  • Licensed Coaches.
  • Equipment, KKS T-shirt, Water/Gatorade Included.
  • Individual evaluations upon program completion.
  • Indoor location available for any inclement weather (Integrated Sports Training).

Topics Covered

Technical/Mental Ability – KKS believes that the most important aspect of soccer is technical skill. We have created a program where development of technical skill and mental capacity is the foundation. With small group settings, individualized analysis on proper use of the foot, striking technique, and a consistently quality first touch is the focus.

  • Improve first touch
  • Understanding the right time to utilize different parts of the foot.
  • Linking speed of thought and speed of play.

Speed/Agility – An easy way to increase speed is to train an athlete to minimize their contact with the ground when working on agility movements. Some people believe doing repetitive jumping drills may seem pointless, but what it’s doing is forcing the athlete to decrease the amount of time their feet stay on the ground. Starting our sessions with agility drills before building into sprint work enables the muscle memory to kick in, and apply what they have learned in the jumping drills to create a quicker first step.  An added benefit of repetition is an improvement in overall game fitness.

  • Increase your first step
  • Learn proper running mechanics
  • Increase explosive power
  • Improve overall game fitness

Reaction – At KKS we feel that reactions are so critical to creating quickness, we have implemented a sports vision component to complement an athletes’ sport-specific conditioning program.  Using various drills and software, we can objectively and scientifically evaluate the various parts of dynamic vision.  We can then integrate the proper visual drills into the training so that our athletes can perform at their physical best on the field.  Aside from results in game situations, we can also monitor progress by re-testing.  As with all the work done at KKS, reaction training is meant to be done at the highest possible level.

  • Bridge the gap between agility and quickness
  • Through practice and analysis, understand and learn anticipation
  • Improve depth perception, convergence, divergence, and saccadic eye movement

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